The heavy-duty P-9990-FE modular, electric-drive, air-conditioning unit is capable of withstanding harsh environment and extreme temperatures often found in mining projects. Designed to create a comfortable working environment for cab operators, the system is available in three variants:

  • P-9990-FE-230P Modular HVAC 200V AC – 240V AC single phase 50Hz / 60Hz
  • P-9990-FE-233P Modular HVAC 200V AC – 240V AC three phase 50Hz / 60Hz
  • P-9990-FE-483P Modular HVAC 400V AC – 480V AC three phase 50Hz / 60Hzv

The unit is 38in-deep, 15.5in-wide and 28in-high, and features 26,000BTU/h (7.5kW) at 122°F / 50°C ambient temperature, 18,000 BTU / HR (5kW) heating capacity (reverse cycle models) at -10°C / 14°F, and three-speed automatic or manual cab air flow rate of 500CFM, 350CFM, or 245CFM.

Optional extras include the Sy-Klone RESPA ® CF Cab Pressurizer filter system with cab pressure monitor, Sy-Klone RESPA ® CFX cab recirculation filter system, and remote filter installation kit.


The P-9990 H modular hydraulic drive with RC-Hyd heating is a robust and hard-wearing air-conditioning system capable of operating in a variety of harsh industrial environments. The system is available in two models:

  • P-9990-H-24HD-CC Modular HVAC – 24V DC / hydraulic closed centre
  • P-9990-H-24HD-OC Modular HVAC – 24V DC / hydraulic open centre

Features of the P-1990 H include 30,000BTU/h (8.8kW) heating capacity with RC / hydraulic at -30°C / -22°F, wet bulb cabin air at 95°F / 35°C ambient, and a cab air flow rate of 490CFM , 320CFM and 245CFM using three automatic or manual speed settings.

For more information, please download the product specification pages below.