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Carlson Software provides technically advanced mining software for design and efficient operation of mines throughout the world.

Its machine control solutions enable companies to reduce idle time and increase production rates, which equal lowered costs and increased efficiency. Carlson Software is the largest provider of mine software for coal mines in the United States and, increasingly, around the globe. Carlson Mining 2018 modules run on top of AutoCAD®, versions 2010 to current, and come with IntelliCAD® 8.3 built-in.

Use of Carlson machine control software—Carlson Grade, TruckPro, and Fleet Manager Office—has increased as mine management seeks to increase productivity, accurately track materials, and enhance safety on the site.

While predominant in the US coal mining industry, Carlson Mining applications, including Carlson Machine Control,  go well beyond coal: to limestone, trona, clay, phosphate and all manner of sedimentary deposits. Routines for block modelling have been added to apply to gold, silver, copper, nickel, iron and other ore bodies. Carlson’s unique Natural Regrade program is an award-winning reclamation solution that regrades surface mines back to natural land-forms — as nature would have done it over thousands of years. Carlson Mining and the full range of Carlson products have been endorsed by the U.S. Office of Surface Mining TIPS program.

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