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Mechanical Demolition

Mechanical Demolition Capability Profile

Liberty Industrial carries out mechanical demolitions with its fleet of state of the art
equipment, which includes several large excavators and attachments for heavy-duty demolition and remediation projects.

Capable of undertaking large projects, Liberty Industrial’s fleet contains Australia’s largest demolition excavator, a custom-built, 230-tonne Liebherr 994 with a 14-tonne grapple attachment and a 32-tonne shear attachment.

Liberty Industrial has recently added a number of custom-built high-reach demolition excavators to its state of the art fleet of demolition plant and equipment.

This latest addition is a custom-built Kocurek modified Hitachi Ex1200 high-reach demolition excavator weighing in at 200-tonnes. The machine has been designed with versatility in mind and is equipped with a range of working heights and attachment sizes.

The 200-tonne custom built high reach demolition excavator boasts a four-stage heavy demolition configuration that reaches 36m with a seven-tonne attachment, a three-stage configuration to reach 30m with a 13-tonne attachment and a 20m two-piece configuration with a 25-tonne attachment. The machine also has a dedicated telescopic front, reaching 60m with a 3.5-tonne attachment.

To complement our large excavator fleets, we have a range of robust 120-tonne and 70-tonne machines and fleet of 8t-46-tonne excavators, complete with a range of versatile shear, grapple, hammer, pulveriser, grapple, ripper, bucket and magnet attachments, for use in any demolition, waste handling or scrap processing task.

Our civil contracting division is equipped with an assortment of equipment including 40-tonne dump trucks, b-double semi tippers, boom lifts, telehandlers, water carts, fuel trucks and service vehicles.

Our plant operators are experienced professionals with the credentials and industry experience to deliver your project in a safe, professional manner. Our range of state of the art equipment and our professional staff can be mobilised across the country and are capable of undertaking large projects in some of Australia’s most remote locations.

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Capability Statement

Liberty Industrial is a leading provider of deconstruction and remediation services, serving the resources sector,...