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Maptek Interoperability Systems

Maptek licences third-party developers to access SDKs (Software Development Kits) for interoperability, extension and integration with Maptek software packages.

The SDK service benefits all levels of the mining industry. It enables Maptek to better partner, integrate and provide input into solutions where we remain intrinsically involved, even if we are not actively developing the work to solve every industry need or problem on our own.

Access to the Vulcan Data SDK for example allows our customers to add value to their technical data, applying their own expertise and institutional knowledge to develop additional processes that may interact with, or exploit, core Vulcan data types. They can more reliably transition data between Vulcan and their applications and are able to provide better technical support to application users.

Specific applications which would benefit mining operations include integration of resource model data with machine guidance and scheduling systems, seamless data exchange with products from Maptek technology partners that add value to the mining process or stage, and projects where domain experts (for example Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning) apply their algorithms over customer data. This allows Maptek to formalise the interaction between our products and those of third parties.

The Vulcan Data SDK and API (Application Programming Interface) allow third-party developers to provide a way to connect proprietary data structures or algorithms to the Maptek products that their customers also use. Reading from Maptek file formats can inform algorithms and processes within their software.

Maptek interoperability SDKs facilitate this by allowing developers to implement support directly into their software. An example would be executing an algorithm that is not part of Maptek’s core solution to modify Vulcan data, delivering more seamless data transition when bringing results back into Vulcan.

Potential for enhancing processes through development of additional functionality that operates on customer data includes integrating resource models with scheduling and machine guidance. The Vulcan Data SDK takes care of the complexities of accurately reading, writing and manipulating these data types, as well as handling difficulties arising from development for backward compatibility and version changes.

Third-party application developers can devise higher value deliverables for their customers by reliable transfer of data generated in Maptek products directly into, and out of, their solution.

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