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High-Reach Demolition

High-Reach Demolition Capability Profile

Liberty Industrial can deliver technically challenging high-reach demolition projects with safety and efficiency.

Our team are experienced with the demolition of multi-storey and high rise buildings, chimney stacks, masts, industrial structures such as power stations, oil refineries and heavy mining infrastructure.

Our state of the art plant and equipment includes a custom-built Kocurek Ex1200 excavator weighing in at 200-tonnes that can carry a seven-tonne attachment at 36m, a 12.5 tonnes attachment at 30m or a 25t attachment at 20m. We also use a second modified Ex1200 that can carry a 10-tonne attachment at 20m and two Volvo 48-tonne excavators fitted with a three-stage high reach boom that can be configured for 24m or 26m of reach.

Liberty Industrial’s high-reach demolition excavators are fitted with a full range of demolition attachments, including 12.5-tonne shear and non-shear concrete crackers, and shears for the demolition of concrete or steel structures.

The latest addition is a 200-tonne custom-built Kocurek modified Hitachi Ex1200 high-reach demolition excavator. The machine has been designed with versatility in mind, equipped with a range of working heights and attachment sizes.

The 200-tonne custom-built high-reach demolition excavator has a four-stage heavy demolition configuration that reaches 36m with a seven-tonne attachment, a three-stage configuration to reach 30m with a 13-tonne attachment and a 20m two-piece configuration with a 25-tonne attachment. The machine also has a dedicated telescopic front, reaching 60m, with a 3.5-tonne attachment.

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Liberty Industrial is a leading provider of deconstruction and remediation services, serving the resources sector,...