GenieGrips® Cushions

The problem

Loss and or damage to products from exposed tyne carriages.

When transporting products via forklift, forklift loads may come in contact with the back of the tynes. As the goods shift and slide on the tynes, the friction and impact of the metal cause goods to be damaged or scratched. This may result in significant rework time and ultimately loss of product.

The solution

GenieGrips® Cushions function as a bumper that magnetize to the forklift tyne carriage.

The GenieGrips® Cushions eliminate friction and absorb impact of goods that may occur during lifting, loading and placing of loads. They are extremely easy to fit, with three powerful magnets securing them on the forklift tyne carriage. GenieGrips® Cushions are specifically designed to be paired with our GenieGrips® Mats or GenieGrips® Caps to provide full forklift tyne protection!

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