Fleet Management and Production Optimisation

Jfleet Brochure


Leica Jfleet is a solution for fleet management and production optimisation a core level of safety. Jfleet is an intelligent system that operates on distributed database architecture and is not dependent upon a continuous connection to a central server. Each machine automatically tracks and logs its own activity.

Leica Jfleet connects, monitors and optimises any machine in your fleet.


Leica Jtruck monitors haul cycles to maximise efficiency and minimise down time.

  • Reduce idle time and fuel costs
  • Real-time KPIs
  • Real-time position of all mining equipment
  • ‘Best path’ displayed to the operator
  • Operator log spillage and other hazards
  • Integration to all Leica products


Leica Jshovel for loaders, excavators and shovels has been developed to increase shovel throughput and enable real-time truck payload.

  • Real-time payload of truck being loaded
  • Display real-time position of all mining equipment
  • Displays ETA of all trucks on-route
  • Polygon display of material mining blocks
  • Real-time KPIs


Leica Jdozer accurately captures production time and enables the management of operator tasks and activities.

  • Real-time KPIs
  • Real-time position of all mining equipment
  • Task/activity management and monitoring


Leica Jdrill is a key production monitoring system that updates pattern progress in real time.

  • Real-time operator feedback
  • Consumable tracking
  • Graphical display of all mining equipment


Leica Jaux provides a real-time display of hazards and spillages, offering ‘best path’ routes.

  • Real-time KPIs
  • Production data displays
  • Display real-time position of all mining equipment
  • Consumable tracking


Leica Jsuper allows supervisors to see the real-time position of heavy and light vehicles across the whole fleet.

  • Real-time status of every machine on site
  • Reduce two-way traffic

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