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Evolution Mine Scheduling

Case Study: Integrated Haulage

Maptek Evolution produces short, medium, long-term and strategic life of mine schedules alongside practical production plans. It maximises the value of deposits without compromising operations and without simplifying data.

Evolution is an enterprise level scheduling solution that optimises NPV using cut-off grade techniques, a proven method for maximising project value. It simultaneously optimises the haulage fleet to deliver cost savings early in the schedule, which alone can improve value in the order of 5-10%.

Operations benefit from multiple solutions run in parallel – solutions learn from each other to continually generate better solutions that solve the most complex of operating environments. Ease of use is another advantage of the Evolution approach, with a seamless workflow from strategic to short term scheduling using a single data source.

This allows users to rapidly iterate scenarios that consider multiple objectives such as cut-off grade, production schedules, dynamic route allocation and haulage cycle times, waste dump allocation, fuel burn and productivity. Using an integrated solution can lower software investment by 30%. Mine planners can evaluate the different scheduling scenarios and present the best options for development to reduce costs and maximise resource utilisation.

Solving complex real world problems

Evolution uses the entire dataset to schedule across planning horizons, helping ensure the consistency of tonnage and grade throughout the mine life. The fine granularity of Evolution means it is easy to know which block ore has been mined from and where it will go, ensuring valuable ore is not left in the ground.

Schedule setup and configuration is easily achieved through a user-friendly interface. The dynamic multi-blending and stockpiling approach in Evolution allows users to combine different attributes to get the right mix for maximising value in any period.

Evolution processing power, driven by industry-leading genetic algorithms, and use of cloud-based technology allows complex schedules to be generated in minutes. Mine planners can dedicate time to fine tuning constraints, rather than waiting for schedules to process. They can also plan with confidence that the optimisation technique is agile yet robust for generating optimal schedules in a changing mine production environment.

Dedicated modules for strategic and tactical scheduling allow planning engineers to start generating schedules within a day, removing the need for costly customisation/implementation.
Evolution Strategy is a strategic mine planning and optimisation tool for running scenarios based on cut-off grade optimisation and sequencing to maximise NPV.
Evolution Origin generates detailed scheduling scenarios from life-of-mine to short term planning horizons. Integration with Vulcan closes the gap between mine design and scheduling.
Evolution Epoch is a dedicated short term planning tool that allows users to manage multiple mining activities, tasks and equipment, and apply different types of dependencies.
Evolution Phase provides integrated and automated tools to manipulate optimal shells developed in pit optimisation.

The powerful combination of Evolution Phase and Strategy is proven to add significant value to projects. In some cases, more than 20% has been realised by applying these two techniques.

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