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Eureka Exploration, Analysis and Modelling Software

Maptek Eureka is much more than an exploration package, with advanced modelling, lithology, seismic and geotechnical tools that add value to geological investigation.

Eureka also provides specialised modelling and analysis tools for the interpretation of complex surfaces generated by disparate and often discontinuous data, and exposes useful information for mining and geological interpretation.

Eureka has been designed from the ground up to handle tens of millions of datapoints in dynamic 3D with level of detail capability. Any or all of the data types mentioned above can be integrated.

The interactive 3D visualisation package is an intelligent asset for geologists, who can display, manipulate and analyse extremely large datasets of geological information. Eureka allows spatially located data to be put into context to better understand the inter-connecting relationships between disparate information. The latest tools enhance viewing and correlation of the data, as well as in-depth analysis of areas of interest.

Exploration geologists and miners can combine seismic data with other geological data and models, including drillholes and surfaces, to view important relationships and conduct the immersive analysis which is conducive to resource discovery.

Eureka Implicit Modeller is an effortless way to create and edit orebody models ready for first pass volume calculations. Geologists can drop their ISIS or CSV drillhole database, CAD control and triangulation envelopes onto the screen and quickly make an implicit orebody model using interactive orientation ellipses to visually guide the output.

Eureka Geotech is an extremely useful bridge for geotechnical engineers wanting a package that seamlessly communicates with Maptek I-Site Studio and Vulcan. Providing comprehensive surface interrogation, stereonet population and failure analysis features, it also displays fully annotated boreholes and existing Vulcan models.

Compatibility with Maptek Vulcan mine planning software standard file formats, such as design databases, mapfiles, triangulations and grid models, creates a seamless workflow for moving projects from exploration through to mine design and production. Integrated drillhole modelling and visualisation, tied and tiled views and cross-product workflows are several proven advantages. Drillhole data changed in one application is shared in the other applications.

Eureka allows users to fully exploit LAS (airborne lidar data) and MWD (measurement while drilling) data for building accurate coal strata models. Advantages flow through to upstream and downstream processes. For example, more accurate charge placement and blast loading leads to less coal damage and greater ore recovery.

Displaying and interrogating disparate geospatial data in a common environment provides an immersive experience for exploration and mining projects. Results generated in Eureka are useful for various downstream processes, streamlining exploration projects through to orebody modelling and mine design.

Users running Vulcan and Eureka on the Maptek Workbench benefit from universal access to text and spreadsheet editors, database and scripting tools. This makes working with exploration and project data a better overall software experience. Toolbars, menus, command lists and shortcut keys can be customised to suit work patterns.

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