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Dismantling and Asset Recovery

Dismantling and Asset Recovery Capability Profile

Liberty Industrial provides complete dismantling and asset recovery, including all elements of dismantling, resale and relocation.

Our team of skilled deconstruction personnel includes crane operators, riggers, supervisors and engineers that are capable of safely and efficiently dismantling large and complex structures.

Liberty Industrial has demonstrated experience realising value from a wide range of reusable plant, process equipment and scrap materials, as well as an extensive network of asset resale and resource recovery partners to negotiate the sale of unwanted or disused assets.

We also provide complete chain of custody quality to ensure structures are easily match marked for reconstruction. We create detailed spreadsheets, capturing all items to facilitate the process of logistics for packaging, transporting and shipping of assets so that they can be reconstructed with ease.

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Capability Statement

Liberty Industrial is a leading provider of deconstruction and remediation services, serving the resources sector,...