Partnership Delivers Mine Value Chain Optimisation

Maptek and PETRA have formed a partnership to leverage their technologies and expertise to build business improvement into the mining cycle. Mining companies will be able, for the first time, to use all of their historical performance and resource data for dynamic optimisation.

PETRA digital twins and machine learning models, which can be fed with millions of data points including historical mine performance data, can help operations evaluate different scenarios for improving drill and blast optimisation, plant performance and predicting ore recovery.

Advantages for mining operations include seamless value chain optimisation and simulation from resource models through to metal produced.

PETRA’s suite of highly scalable and platform agnostic algorithms are successfully deployed by mining companies around the world. These prediction algorithms prevent unplanned downtime and enable process optimisation by predicting process variables in real-time.

PETRA digital twins for value chain optimisation consume vast amounts of a mine’s technical data to predict and simulate plant performance and process the data using machine learning. The result for miners is that planning is based on better information. This, in turn, makes the PETRA digital twin models more relevant by virtue of their live connection to geological models and mine design.

Machine learning models can be readily deployed across the value chain from mine planning right through to advanced process control. Applications include drill and blast simulation, geometallurgical prediction, and process control simulation and optimisation.

Maptek and PETRA both specialise in solutions that harness spatial data. Whether looking at 3D virtual environments for geological modelling and mine optimisation or long-range laser scanners for 3D mapping and monitoring, every solution is custom-built for mining.

The integrated technology offerings cover solutions from geological modelling to plant and process optimisation and simulation. Combining deep domain expertise from across the whole value chain offers the industry a practical alternative to the common practice of siloed optimisation.

Dynamic mine scheduling will be made possible by bringing together Maptek optimisation engines and PETRA’s digital twin performance models, including access to metal produced, grade, quality, recovery and throughput data.

Maptek BlastLogic blast design will benefit from dynamic links to PETRA digital twin models for loading, crushing and grinding, with PETRA MAXTA digital twin blast design simulation creating value from connection to BlastLogic historical drill and blast design data.

Maptek and PETRA share a common goal of enabling customers to draw greater value from the available mine data through considering contextual information far beyond the orebody model and mine plan. Empowering miners to relate the performance and characteristics of processes and equipment downstream from geology or planning assumptions allows them to form a better understanding of the critical relationships.

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