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DD Grout Plugs – Terra-Barb

Terra-Barb Data Sheet

The Terra-Barb was developed as a quick and more cost-effective solution for blocking off rifling from potential diamond drill intersections with underground blasting. The Terra-Barb can be used on its own for rifling protection, or in conjunction with a supporting grout column. The plug works immediately on installation. The plug is constructed from an engineering plastic designed to easily withstand the forces and pressures involved.

The Terra-Barb will not corrode and can be drilled through for hole extensions. The base of the plug is tapered to nestle into a drill bit, allowing it to be easily, simply and remotely pushed into the collar with the diamond drill rig.

The Terra-Barb plug is now used as the standard for capping off underground diamond drill holes in many mines, providing a realistic alternative to full-length grouting or collar grouting at a much lower cost.

The Terra-Barb is not made to hold water pressure. The Hydra-Barb or Grouter are recommended for holes making water. Despite this, the Terra-Barb does have a modest pressure rating of 200psi (13 Bar) at a factor of safety of 2:1.

The Terra-Barb provides significant blast overpressure protection. Please see the Terra-Barb Extended Data Sheet for a full explanation.