Customisable Water Tank Modules

G&G designs and manufactures an extensive range of water tank modules to fit both off-highway and on-highway truck chassis, including large mining haul truck trays and articulated underground haul trucks in capacities from 15,000 litres to 160,000 litres. Whether it be for haul road or dig face dust suppression, fire-fighting, or a combination, we can work with you on a Water Tank Module solution that fits your needs.

With over 25 years’ experience producing water tanks, our expertise has enabled us to design an extremely resilient water tank, with a fully engineered baffle system and high-quality tank liner, complemented with a robust and maintenance-friendly spray shelf and spray bar arrangement.

Our water tanks feature a range of equipment options – including remote and manually controlled water cannons, hydraulic sprays, ground speed spray systems, water level gauges, tyre-fire sprays, pause timers for various spray patterns, automatic pump shut off, rear cameras, custom fill chutes, and foam induction systems – and the ability to custom engineer, we can offer a Water Tank for your site needs.

Just a few of the features in G&G’s quality tank construction include;

  • Large capacity water tank modules for installation on most OEM cab chassis
  • Proven design incorporating internal baffle system comprising of horizontal and vertical baffles for improved on-road stability / water surge management, as well as considerable structural strength
  • Fully screened (removable) bolt-on filler chute on left-hand side (drivers’ side) of tank
  • Externals primed and painted and internals lined with tank liner for maximum tank life
  • Internal polypropylene pipework for suction and to forward-mounted cannon for rust-free operation
  • Certified Australian Made product, manufactured at G&G’s Perth, Western Australia facility

On top of all these features, our tanks are safe and Service Technician friendly and have the backing of our Aftersales and Spare Parts Team.

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