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Corrosion Control

Ceramics are chemically inert. Thermoshield ceramic coating provides protection against corrosion in extreme environments.

Thermoshield also creates a non-permeable, flexible (elastomeric) membrane which encases the substrate and eliminates exposure from corrosive elements such as chemicals, acids, salts, water and oxygen. This significantly prolongs the life of your asset particularly in coastal areas or corrosive environments.

Environmentally safe

Thermoshield Australia is the first manufacturer in Australia of external insulation coating to gain ISO: 14025 accreditation. This Environmental Product Declaration assures that Thermoshield is suitable for rainwater harvesting as well as for use in the food industry. Thermoshield has also been recognised by Good Environment Choice Australia (GECA) with a green star rating.


When metal surfaces are exposed to extreme fluctuations in temperature, thermal shock in the substrate leads to joint fractures and metal contortion, resulting in leakage in metal roofs causing permanent damage. By regulating the temperature of the coated surface, the structural integrity is maintained. Water harvesting is not compromised when capturing drinking water because Thermoshield is acrylic/water-based and is environment-friendly.

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