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Contaminated Soil and Asbestos Remediation

Contaminated Soil and Asbestos Remediation Capability Profile

Liberty Industrial offers several treatment options, dependent upon the concentration and type of soil contamination.

Identifying the best approach at an early stage can save both time and money at the execution stage of site remediation. Bioremediation, active and passive biopiling, soil vapour extraction, solidification, immobilisation, chemical fixation and chemical oxidation are just some of the options that can be provided by Liberty Industrial.

Our in-house team of asbestos removal operatives have the requisite credentials and experience in all facets of friable and bonded asbestos removal. With our national network of waste solution providers, we offer highly competitive options for excavation and disposal of asbestos impacted soil and waste material.

Liberty Industrial are licensed across all states and appropriately insured to undertake all facets of excavation, handling and management of asbestos impacted material on contaminated sites.

We have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the regulatory requirements to remediate such sites including maintaining all the applicable licences to legally and safely remove both and friable asbestos materials.

Liberty Industrial has in-house specialised asbestos supervisors and removalist’s that have extensive experience in the execution of asbestos soil remediation.

We take pride in our ability to develop innovative methods for the remediation of asbestos in soil including:

  • Spreading, picking and the removal of visible bonded materials
  • Innovative waste picking lines and screening operations
  • Design of emplacement cells
  • Relocation and capping of impacted soils on-site in designated cell areas

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Liberty Industrial is a leading provider of deconstruction and remediation services, serving the resources sector,...