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Community Complaint Investigation Tool

Envirosuite’s incident intelligence platform is the link between your operation and the community. Simple and effective communication workflows allow for transparency and trust to enhance relationships and brand reputation.

Organised intelligence

With all your intelligence in one place, the progress of an incident or complaint can be easily tracked, assigned and referenced at any time.

This can assist in:

  • Reducing investigation times
  • Identifying the source of the incident
  • Improve community relationships
  • Uphold your brand reputation.

Key features

• Avoid unnecessary investigations: by identifying the source of the issue you can decide whether or not an investigation is required, avoiding many hours of wasted investigation time
• Versatile: can be integrated with other in-situ ticketing systems
• Automatically generated intelligence stored with ticket: reverse and forward trajectories. Monitoring snapshot. Model snapshot
• Automated reports: reports automatically generated as tickets are generated
• Provide the community a voice: a public portal to allow community to enter complaints through tablets, smartphones and PCs – automatically analysed in a secure and private database
• Enhance your reputation: analysis tools integrated with a robust, comprehensive ticketing system to analyse and manage complaints promptly and effectively
• Central focus: maintain dialogue with all stakeholders with a central point of objective and robust science
• Forward tracking: forewarn community of any potential issues if any threshold exceedances are predicted
• Shorten investigation time: backtrack, forward track and many other tools designed to to instantly identify the source of odour, dust or noise complaints

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