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Communication – smartblast®

The smartblast ® Controller Unit is capable of commanding up to 64 Remotes that can be either electric or non-electric, in 8 Remote groups.

The history event log keeps a record of information such as unit state, post-blastmotion detect value, firing voltage level, battery level and the date and time the event was logged. With the GPS included, each event will also have the longitude and latitude of where the unit was when the event was recorded.

Each Remote unit has a sensor that measures the seismic motion that may be expected when a successful blast detonation has occurred. The Controller unit then reports that a post-fire motion was detected, useful in underground operations when the successful initiation of a blast cannot be easily determined.

The automatic-disarming function ensures that the unit returns to a safe state in the event of a loss of communications, after a time out period.

The Sequential Fire feature allows the user to space the firings of each Remote unit so that they do not fire at the same time, 0-2 seconds between the firing of each Remote. This feature is particularly useful when firing multiple blocks where a delay is needed between each block.

The LCD display provides information that is supplemental to the basic operation of the smartblast®. Whenever a switch is pressed, the LCD display’s backlighting function will be enabled. After 30 seconds of inactivity, the backlighting will automatically turn off to save battery power. The LCD is rated for -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F).

The RB1673 has increased firing capacity. A minimum of 350V, allowing for approximately 75 electric caps in series, or a maximum circuit resistance of 150Ω.

Working as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with an LFC or W-LAN Network system, smartblast® provides full, two-way blast control for underground and surface applications. Reduced misfires and two-way communications between the Remotes and the Controller make smartblast® the safest way to blast with electric or shock-tube detonation. Since it uses the mines Leaky Feeder system and is completely portable, it is the most productive and most cost-effective solution on the market.  Smartblast’s cost savings can be measured in reduced maintenance alone as it eliminates the need to maintain a separate central blast cable system. With the RB1673 series, up to 64 remotes can be tied into one system of up to 8 remote groups, eliminating the need for multiple controllers. The remotes can be individually selected, armed, fired and interrogated for status via the keypad on the Controller. A big LCD display provides supplemental information to the basic operation and improves ease of use on-site. Whenever a switch is pressed, the LCD display’s backlighting function will be enabled, and after 30 seconds of inactivity, it will automatically be turned off to save battery power. The LCD is rated for -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F). Smartblast® features include post-blast motion detection, blast data storage, sequential firing, and GPS fencing/location. With increased firing capacity and features that allow for greater safety and productivity, smartblast® is the smart choice for blasting in any underground, surface, or tunnelling application.

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