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Bleeding Bit

Bleeding Bit was formed for the purpose of understanding virtual reality (VR) and how it can be used to advantage in open pit and underground mining. Bleeding Bit is focusing on the use of VR for technical, financial, and operational applications.

The technology allows virtual access to a remote mine site in outback Australia / South Africa / Indonesia in VR from the head office in London / Melbourne / Toronto. This opens up a number of potential uses;

  • Testing and assessing new designs either greenfields – from start up, or brownfields – from existing workings.
  • Importing the geological model and combining it with existing and designed infrastructure.
  • Testing and assessing new equipment in existing infrastructure.
  • Due diligence, viewing the mine remotely for mergers and acquisition.
  • Regularly recording the mine ground conditions for geotechnical assessment over time and reversing through those time periods to see the changes.
  • Combining it with live updates from equipment location feeds, for scheduling or monitoring purposes.
  • Taking non-mining personnel into the virtual mine and so avoiding risk of personal injury and the requirement for inductions.

The flexibility is enormous. Equipment of all types can be modelled to operate in realistic ways. The mine can be observed from any location, including an entire view of the underground operation from above. The observer can ride in equipment, traverse through the workings, view historic ground conditions and assess future designs from within.

The showcase model allows measurement in the virtual world.

Equipment can be scheduled to run automatically in the model for production comparisons and to assist in finding production bottlenecks. For instance, dual declines or the inclusion of passing lanes can be studied in a realistic way to assess the net benefit.

The geological model can be toggled on and off, viewed from outside or within, and can include drill hole data and previous face markups to provide a real-time 3D view of the ore drive faces.

The hydrological model can be viewed based on piezo data.

Bleeding Bit includes realistic water simulation and rock flow. Physics enabled rock flow ensures every instance of tipping from a bucket or truck tray is unique.

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