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Automation – smartsense®

smartsense® SSFM-100 Fixed Gas Monitor

The smartsense® system addresses modern mine operations’ needs for reliable, robust, and low maintenance atmospheric and environmental monitoring systems. The product line, designed and manufactured to strict local and international standards, ensures a quality and reliable solution for the harshest environments. The system layout comprises numerous monitoring units that measure up to four gases, and a total of 10 parameters, at once. At the core of the system is a fixed monitor – the smartsense® Fixed Monitor SSFM-100 – that is mounted in the area of interest. It has integrated controller functions and acts as a black box for storing critical information such as calibration records, alarm history, and data logging for post-accident investigation. It is an all-in-one package that eliminates the need for complex cable connections and troublesome programming. The system is customizable to each client’s installation requirements including copper (RS-485/Ethernet), radio frequency (UHF-VHF Data Radio/Wi-Fi), and fibre optic data connectivity.

smartsense® Single Gas Monitor SSSG-100

smartsense® single gas monitor SSSG-100 is an all-in-one gas monitoring unit with true flexibility and reliability for environmental monitoring that is end user-configurable for up to six sensor modules. An integrated controller functions as a black box storing critical information such as Calibration Records, Alarm History and Data logging for post-accident investigation. The SSSG-100 alerts workers to dangers while working underground – for example, an alarm will sound if gas levels exceed the acceptable limit whilst miners are on site.

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