• WA Mining Ban Lifted

    The reversal of West Australia’s ban on U3O8 mining could prove a watershed for Australia’s dormant uranium industry, although there are a swag of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ along the way....

  • The Cost of African Instability

    Political instability, coupled with the global recession, is posing a significant threat to mining companies operating in Africa. As a result, the securing of tenures and mining rights is arguably...

  • Small Miners Against the Big Crunch

    Without access to cash and a way to diversify their portfolios, the future for junior minors is looking increasingly difficult. Gavin Knight reports.

  • Australia’s Mines Hit Crunch Time

    Three months after helping Australia post its second biggest trade surplus of all time, the Australian mining industry is sending out some alarming smoke signals. What’s going on? Paul French...

  • New Frontier Mining Under the Sea

    Unplundered treasure reserves of gold and copper lie below our seas. Jodie McLeod looks how technology is making the mining of these minerals possible.

  • Sensor and Sensibility

    Sensor technology has evolved rapidly in recent years enabling the research and development of new ground breaking mining solutions. Alex Hawkes talks to the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research...

  • China’s Mines Go International

    Resource rich but largely autonomous, China's mining industry holds great financial clout. Natalie Coomber looks at how it is slowly internationalising.

  • Wine and Mine

    Darren Baguley looks at how a simple glass of wine went a long way towards proving the worth of deposits in the ground.


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