• Conveyor Operators Buckle Down for Crunch

    As rubber prices reach record highs, conveyor manufacturers supplying the mining industry are feeling the squeeze. Mining Technology looks at the important role played by conveyor systems in global mining...

  • Kazakhstan On The Up

    The Kazakhstani mining industry is now marked as one to keep a close eye on, writes Andrew Smith.

  • Mines Mapped Out

    Hyperspectral imaging technologies are leading the way in finding resources in an environmentally friendly fashion. Brendan Jordan and Steve Polak look at how mapping systems can increase efficiency and lessen...

  • Rio and the Future of R&D

    Challenging demands and their future direction will ensure Rio Tinto focuses on innovation in years to come. Penny Jones speaks to head of innovation John McGagh about advancements in future...

  • Mining Ground Support

    Mining has always been an industry where risk is balanced against reward, and safety is played against cost. But with pressure mounting on global corporations to demonstrate due diligence, seismic...

  • An Exciting Era of Automation

    Automation and control systems are shaping the mine of the future as the technology moves into generation three. David Binning reports.

  • Asian Revolution

    Asia is preparing for boom times in its mining industries with the latest technology and engineering know-how. Steve Polak and Brendan Jordan look at the continent's future prospects.


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