• ERP: Software-Salvation

    The recession has helped software companies servicing the mining sector by persuading operators to turn to IT&T. David Binning reports.

  • Miners Get Spatial Awareness

    The march of geospatial navigation in mining appears unstoppable. Dr Gareth Evans looks at the advantages and the challenges that mining landscapes present.

  • Diesel Design Cuts Mining Health Risk

    CSIRO Exploration & Mining scientists are trying to develop a method of eliminating or at least reducing mine workers’ exposure to harmful emissions.

  • The Future Mine: Bigger is Better

    Recent volatility in metals prices and a surge in demand from countries such as China have underscored the need for miners to plan for large scale, heavily automated operations. David...

  • Seamless Delivery

    From the back office to equipment management, IT automation allows the seamless delivery of mining operations. Martin Clark examines different areas of automation in the mine and looks at where...

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