• Uranium Industry Facing Skills Crisis

    The growing popularity of nuclear energy is expected to drive a surge in uranium mining and exploration. David Binning reports on how the speed of this development is already revealing...

  • Miners Take Environmental Measures

    Environmental issues have soared up the mining agenda as the world has taken the carbon-cutting culture to its heart. Dr Gareth Evans investigates on the measures being taken to ensure...

  • Grid Computing: Geochemists Join the Fast Lane

    A new Microsoft high-performance computing system means geochemists no longer have to rely on desktop PCs for modelling. Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation reports.

  • Brazil’s Golden Plan

    Brazil has a range of opportunities for its gold mining industry. New governmental regulations and investment drives means there is much to offer everyone involved, from the services sector to...

  • Brazilian Gold takes a look at Brazil's standing in the global gold mining sector.

  • ERP: Software-Salvation

    The recession has helped software companies servicing the mining sector by persuading operators to turn to IT&T. David Binning reports.

  • Miners Get Spatial Awareness

    The march of geospatial navigation in mining appears unstoppable. Dr Gareth Evans looks at the advantages and the challenges that mining landscapes present.

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