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Tsurumi Pump Product Guide: Contractor Pumps and Generators

Technosub is the sole authorised Canadian distributor of Tsurumi Pumps, one of the world's best known lines of submersible pumps. They have released a free white paper outlining Tsurumi's product guide, including information on their contractor pumps, engine driven pumps, and generators. This white paper includes details on product features such as:
  • Anti-wicking cable entrances - Maximum protection against water incursion through the cable entry.
  • Anti-wicking blocks - Window cuts on conductor insulation expose strands to molded rubber or epoxy to preve water wicking through the strands and entering the motor providing protection even if the cable insulation is cut.
  • Internal thermal motor protection - Built-in motor protection reacts to ambient temperatures the motor is actually experiencing, unlike external overloads that react to ambient conditions in the control panel.
  • Circle thermal protector (CTP) - For pumps with 1-10HP
  • Dual inside, silicon carbide mechanical seals - Isolation of mechanical seals in an oil chamber provides a clean, non-corrosive and abrasion free lubricating environment to prevent spring failure due to corrosion or abrasion and bottom seal failure due to loss of cooling during dry-run conditions.
  • Oil lifters - Tsurumi's exclusive oil lifter encloses the mechanical seal and uses the centrifugal force generated by the rotating shaft and seal to pump oil to the upper seal faces.
For more information please download this free white paper.

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