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Prenco Offers Dedicated Spill Kits for ‘AdBlue’ Fluid Spills

Spills and leaks of the new AdBlue (DEF, SCR, aqueous urea solution) chemical additive are now occurring at mining sites around the country and require a different approach to clean-ups.

Should an AdBlue chemical spill occur, the response required is the same as any other chemical spill with the goal to contain, remove and remediate the spill while maintaining compliance with the Environment Protection Act / policies. AdBlue spills must not be washed down the stormwater system or left to dry off, as residues remain which can still be a pollutant risk when it rains again.

Existing oil and fuel spill kits are not suitable to absorb and clean up an AdBlue fluid as they contain hydrophobic absorbents that reject water-based chemicals.

Prenco's range of new dedicated colour-coded AdBlue spill kits are designed to respond efficiently to this fluid and assist in pollution. An information sheet is available to download for further details and advice on spill kit sizes suitable for your site.

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