Claisse Explains Sample Preparation by Fusion for ICP-OES Analysis

Claisse has released a white paper including three application notes detailing sample preparation by borate fusion, and dissolution using peroxide and borate fusions, for ICP-OES analyses. The analysis and determination of metals and trace metals in high silica, alumino-silicate samples and refractory minerals such as catalysts, zeolites and chromites are never easy, mainly because of the dissolution process. Samples containing silica often need hazardous chemicals, microwave digestions, multi-step, and multi-acid digestion which requires the use of HF and HClO4 and can take between one and three hours. This white paper describes a new approach to sample dissolution using lithium borate and sodium peroxide fusions as quick, safe and efficient alternatives for the dissolution of these specific samples. For more information please download this free white paper.

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