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Rust Conversion Restoration and Thermal Coating System at Probiotec

The Probiotec complex was suffering from widespread advanced surface rusting. If left untreated, full replacement of the complex roof sheeting would be highly likely in upcoming years due to the irreparable corrosion.

It may take more than 20 years for rust bloom on galvanised steel to first appear but once present the rate of deterioration is exponential. In recent years the sheet rusting had become noticeably worse and urgent attention was required if the coating option were to be chosen over full roof replacement.

The strongly preferred option was the rust conversion restoration coating system due to significantly less health and safety risks as well as being a cost-saving benefit.

Despite being a costly and dangerous task for removal and installation, a new roof could have a lifespan of up to 20-30 years. With the long-term future of the Probiotec site, this could also be viewed as a major over capitalisation of investment.

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