Transportation of Solids Using Centrifugal Pumps

GIW will be presenting a course that covers slurry transportation using centrifugal pumps. The five-day course is designed for university educated engineers. It covers essential practical and economic considerations for slurry pumping with centrifugal pumps along with considerable attention to engineering theory. In addition, participants learn the latest findings on very coarse particle pumping and pipeline transport at high solids concentrations. Other features include:
  • Case studies
  • Hands-on group working sessions
  • Slurry testing in our renown Hydraulic Testing Laboratory
  • Lectures on pipeline friction, pump performance
  • Renowned lecturers from Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Sweden and the U.S.
The course features the revised and expanded 3rd edition of the textbook, 'Slurry Transport Using Centrifugal Pumps'. The book was written by Dr. Kenneth C. Wilson, Graeme R. Addie, Dr. Anders Sellgren and Dr. Roland Clift. For more details, please download this free white paper.

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