The Roto-Hammer Range of Chainwheels, Handwheels, Chains and Accessories

Roto Hammer Industries was founded in 1959 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after identifying a need for the increased safety needs of valve operators. The “Roto Hammer” was born.

Roto Hammer has manufactured chainwheels and custom solutions for manual valve operation ever since, specialising in accessing valves that are difficult to reach and operate. The range now stretches from valve extensions to handwheels, and link chains to pocket wheels, allowing for safe and dependable valve operation. Rotork acquired Roto Hammer in 2015.

Roto Hammer chainwheels offer the best solution for hard to reach and difficult to operate valves. Our clamp-on sprockets chainwheels fit handwheels sized from 102mm to 1,016mm (4in to 40in). They are designed to cope in harsh and corrosive environments and are available in different materials and finishes. For especially extreme conditions, chainwheels can be galvanised for additional protection.

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