Innovations Related to Rolling Bearings in Mining and Mineral Processing Applications

Innovations in the design, heat treatment, sealing and lubrication of rolling bearings have resulted in extended machinery service lives and reduced energy use in mining and mineral processing applications.

These innovations are shown to nearly double the service life of self-aligning roller bearings in poor lubrication and high contamination conditions. Internal wear due to operation with abrasive contamination in the lubricant is significantly reduced, extending a major cause of bearing replacement. Sealed spherical roller bearings in conveyor pulleys have extended service life beyond that of the pulley lagging. This also applies to special bearings for vibrating screens.

New ball bearing and lubrication designs increase conveyor idler roller bearing service life and significantly reduce energy use. The ISO 281 standard quantifies the rating life in these conditions and provides a true parameter for bearing selection and replacement.

This paper describes these innovations. The aim is to extend the service lifecycle and minimize the total cost of ownership of the mining assets.

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