Knife Gate Valve SLV Brochure from Midwest Valves & Controls

Stafsjö's knife gate valve SLV is a full bore valve with a unique seat design that gives excellent flow characteristics and makes it particularly suitable for the most demanding services with slurry and other abrasive media. The SLV gives a tight shut-off independent of pressure direction.

The SLV has an epoxy-coated fully lugged valve body in nodular iron with integrated purge ports. The seats are flexible in an axial way and seals towards each other in the bore when the valve is in open position, thus protecting internal parts and the gate from the abrasive media. Upon closure, the seats are displaced axially, forming a seal with the gate until it forms a complete closure of the bore and gives a bi-directional tight shut-off. The seats also form a sealing face on the valve flanges saving the need for gaskets. The gate is always supplied in hard chromed stainless steel for increased wear resistance and extended service life. The gland box, which seals around the gate, is as standard supplied with three layers of our TwinPackTM and a box bottom scraper in order to give a first-rate sealing and gate guidance.

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