Flexco Releases Free Paper on Diversion Technology

Flexco has released a free paper on how diversion technology is changing operations. The function of a transfer chute system varies depending on its operational requirements, but in all cases, the transfer chute system has a basic functional requirement to direct the material stream from the feed conveyor to somewhere else. First and foremost, transfer chute systems contain material flow. If this is not done well, not all the material will make it to the receiving conveyor, resulting in lost productivity. Material must flow through the transfer chute system; if it doesn't, it will plug and bring the operation to a halt. Engineered transfer chute systems are designed to control the flow of material through the system, starting with the hood chute, effectively capturing the material trajectory discharging from the head pulley. From there, it should be guided and allowed to move through the chute system with gradual directional changes to minimise impacts that lead to material degradation and dust generation. Finally, the chute system should ensure the receiving belt is loaded centrally to the correct profile, softly, in the direction of belt travel and at close to belt speed. Taking these actions will reduce wear on the belt, minimising spillage and skirting wear, and keep the belt tracking properly. Download the full free paper to find out more about Flexco's transfer chute technologies.

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