Deformation Analysis of an AFRD for Mine Tailings Storage and Power Generation

The numerical analysis of a 171m-high asphalt-faced rockfill dam for tailings storage and power generation is presented for both static and seismic conditions. For static loading, the effect of compaction was investigated and FoS were computed in both 2D and 3D geometries. For seismic loading, 30 ground-motion records were selected from a large database using a proxy model and fed into 2D simulations, and four were run in 3D simulations. It is concluded that the design settlement of the dam is 1.2±0.2 m after construction and additional 5.4m for the design earthquake. The study presented here assesses:
  • The stability and deformation of the dam for various alternate dam designs
  • Stresses and deformation in the asphalt face during construction and operation
  • Earthquake-induced settlements, deformations and liner stresses
  • Opportunities for optimization by changing zoning, compaction requirements, and construction sequence
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