ASI Undertakes Vulnerability Assessment at Titan Tire Testing Facility

Titan Tire company tasked ASI to perform a vulnerability assessment for a facility in an existing building to test large mining tires. The gauge pressure of the tire ranged from 100psi to 160psi and the tire dimensions were up to 163in diameter and 70in wide.

Titan Tire needed to ensure the safety of the structure under the effect of the pressure loads resulting from catastrophic failure and the release of all the potential energy stored in the tire at once; in addition, of course to the normal design loads. The possibility of flying debris that could be a hazard to the facility occupants was also an issue. The existing building was a crane bay that consisted of steel roof truss supported on steel columns, vertical and horizontal bracing, pre-cast panels, concrete masonry units (CMU) walls and covering steel sheets.

To read the full project information from ASI, download the free white paper.

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