ASI Performs Vulnerability Assessment for Egyptian Statue Relocation

In early 2006, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism announced an international tender for the project of transporting the ancient statue of Ramses II to a safe location. The bid was awarded to the Arab Contractors Company and ASI was contracted to perform an accurate 3D dynamic structural analysis.

The 3000 year old statue of Ramses II was discovered in 1820. In 1955, the statue was assembled and erected at the Ramses Square in downtown Cairo. The statue was erected on a 3m pedestal at the edge of a fountain. Over time the structural stability of the statue deteriorated, due to exposure to pollution,and vibration from traffic and subways. The Egyptian Government decided to relocate the statue to a safer location and the chosen resting place was the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), where the statue would greet visitors at the entrance.

Transporting the statue from Ramses Square to Giza was a technological challenge. The 11m high red granite statue weighed about 83t and needed to be transported in one piece without causing any further damage.

Download the free paper to read about ASI's vulnerability assessment and successful project outcome.

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