Manual and Electric-Powered Lifting Equipment for Mining Applications

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HUCHEZ designs and manufactures manual and electric winches for the mining industry.

With lifting capacities from 150kg to 30t, our standard and customised winches are suitable for tensioning quarry conveyors belts used for transporting aggregate or releasing counterweights prior to maintenance operations.

Winches for counterweight lifting applications in the mining industry

HUCHEZ provides a large range of lifting winches with high-performance big drum capacity, which are compatible with a variety of sheaving systems for conveyor belt tensioning applications.

We offer manual or electric trolley pulling winches to increase tension on the conveyor belts. Available capacities depend on the number of existing sheaving systems.

Our portfolio also includes self-tensioning winches, double-wire rope drum winches, personal lifting equipment for silo and well inspection applications, and bespoke rope solutions such as reels, gyro-scrapers and tensioning systems.

High-performance lifting winches

With more than 70 years’ experience in the lifting industry market, HUCHEZ has gained a reputation for high-quality products.

We ensure that you receive comprehensive service and support throughout the different stages of your project.

From the initial risk analysis to the on-site installation, we provide our clients with:

  • A technical solution adapted to your needs
  • Safe and quick deployment, thanks to a study conducted in advance
  • Compatible equipment with existing systems in the event a replacement is required

Bespoke lifting solutions for explosive areas

With a combination extensive knowledge of a wide range of sectors and mechanics and automation, HUCHEZ can respond to complex problems by offering a solution adapted to your requirements.

Our engineering team designs customised solutions to fit the application of our clients, while taking into account any potential constraint they may have. This includes ATEX areas, restricted space availability and custom-made rope solutions for outdated equipment.

As a manufacturer, we have an inventory of spare parts and can always produce older models of winches that are no longer in our catalogue. Qualified technicians are also available to act quickly to maintain or service your equipment.

EU-compliant wire rope winches

HUCHEZ is France’s leading designer and manufacturer of manual and electric winches for industrial applications.

All our equipment is designed, manufactured and certified in accordance with European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.

Our design team follows an active innovation policy to consistently develop new products and solutions to meet industry demand.

HUCHEZ is a member of France’s Construction Infrastructure Sidérurgie et Manutention (CISMA) and the Federation of Mechanical Industries (Fédération des Industries Mécaniques, FIM) and is ISO 9001 certified.

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