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Presentation by World-Leading Authority in Cleaning Mining Vehicles

In the upcoming week, Autowash will be taking the world’s leading authority of cleaning mining vehicles on a roadshow across Australia: Olli Lamminen, the founder of InterClean in 1984.

Lamminen is focusing on Australia as he sees the country as having the biggest need for automated washing systems, due to high labour cost, the shortage of labour and the large mining sector. First movers in Australia have included BHP, Chevron, Becthel, Koniambo and others. Many of these clients have attempted to automate in the past but have failed to get a quality wash or cope with the massive volumes of dirt flow. With over 20 years of experience, InterClean has a proven track record cleaning almost all types of vehicles.

Autowash is proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor of InterClean systems and is enjoying taking part in the industry transformation from manual to automated. As well as the labour cost-saving and improved vehicle utilisation, our clients have enjoyed intangible benefits such as improved safety, job satisfaction (as staff do not enjoy cleaning vehicles) and water conservation.

The green feature in the October 2010 issue of Prime Mover features Autowash and InterClean. Please email to register your interest in attending a board room or site presentation by Olli Lamminen or for us to email you the article.

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