ATMOS BLUE Air-to-Water Conversion Technologies for the Mining Sector

ATMOS BLUE supplies Swiss-designed air-to-water systems for the mining, disaster management and agriculture industries.

Our systems produce fresh and clean water for remote residents without the costs of expensive water infrastructure and logistics.

Air-to-water conversion solutions for mining applications

ATMOS BLUE’s air-to-water machines are specifically developed for extracting fresh water from the humidity in the air.

Portable, modular and scalable, our products come in a range of sizes that can produce between 250l and 10,000l of fresh water a day. We can also manufacture customised water plants that can produce up to 200,000l/day.

Remote applications of air-to-water systems

Our air-to-water systems are ideal for applications in remote areas or mine sites where fresh water is not available or has to be piped or transported in.

Having a machine that produces clean safe drinking water where and when its needed most enables considerable cost savings by eliminating the need for expensive water infrastructure and water treatment plants, in addition to allowing logistical savings by negating the need to truck in water.

Our machines are also suitable for mining camps as they are able to provide safe drinking water, hot water for showers, and air-conditioning.

Water vapour extraction solutions

ATMOS BLUE’s solutions extract water vapour in the atmosphere by cooling processed air to reach dew point. The vapour subsequently condenses and is collected in an internal water storage tank.

Afterwards, the collected water is processed through a filtration system, which can be configured to produce three grades of water:

  • Basic sanitised fresh water for irrigation, livestock and associated applications
  • Premium-quality drinking water for human consumption that exceeds World Health Organisation (WHO) standards
  • High-specification demineralised water for industrial, medical and pharmaceutical applications

A by-product of the integrated system is thermal energy that can be repurposed for dehumidification and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) applications. Cost savings generated from utilising HVAC outputs can essentially provide minimal costs for fresh water production.

For instance, the 10,000l/day machine can process primary cold air at a rate of 32,000m³/h at 23℃ and 40% relative humidity, as well as heat a secondary plumbed in water source at a rate of 8,000l/h to 50℃, and has up to 400kW available to cool water to 7℃.

High-performance water demineralisation solutions

ATMOS BLUE systems can also be configured to provide a high-specification demineralised water product for mining, industrial, pharmaceutical and medical applications.

Demineralised water can be produced on-site for use as process water, in crushing circuits and for cooling circuits in heavy machinery and equipment.

The machines can be operated from several sources such as electricity, diesel or gas generators, as well as solar and wind-power storage.

We also offer customised solutions based on specific needs and requirements, and have proprietary software that enables us to model expected water production and energy consumption rates based on detailed humidity and temperature data.


ATMOS BLUE is based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, with office representatives around Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and South-East Asia.

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The air-to-water capabilities of the MODULA range allow high-quality drinking water to be produced where and when it’s needed.


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