Minvent Inflatable Underground Mining Ventilation and Sealing Solutions

Minvent Solutions is a wholly owned and operated Australian company. The facility in Bassendean incorporates all the designing, manufacturing, testing and warehousing of Minvent Solutions’ safe, innovative, cost-effective and efficient products and solutions.

Minvent Solutions is the industry leader in providing safe, cost-effective and re-usable, inflatable ventilation sealing and overhead protection products.

The company’s latest additions include void plugs, shaft seals (temporary and permanent), emergency stoppings in fire-resistant anti-static (FRAS) and FR fabrics, rated seals and stoppings up to 20psi, portable and fixed position remotely deployable. Rehabilitation formwork for shafts and tunnels, underground roadways and surface subsidence.

Minvent Solutions offers:

  • Re-usable, inflatable overhead protection systems
  • Ventstop, stoppings, seals and ventilation controls
  • Epass stoppings and seals with access
  • Void rehabilitation systems
  • Shaft and void sealing systems (SVS)
  • Rated stoppings and seals in FRAS and FR fabrics

Re-useable, inflatable overhead protection systems

All these units have been designed to provide protection to personnel and infrastructure during construction and maintenance, i.e. replacement or repairs to wear plates, chutes and impact beds, bleeding of gases / built-up pressure inside the void and a facility for fire fighting through the central sleeve.

Each system is job specific and may be lowered or raised into a void/vessel and inflated, this process can take as little as 15 minutes. Once the unit is inflated inside it functions as an overhead protection system and or plug preventing freefall of materials from above or within void. It also displaces gasses and fumes that may have built up inside the void/vessel.

Ventstop (VCU) ventilation stoppings

The Ventstop ventilation control unit is designed to specific applications:

  • Most sizes or shapes
  • Portable and re-usable
  • Available in standard or FRAS (Fire Retardant Anti-Static) fabrics
  • Continuous air demand system to mitigate any air loss.
  • Available with through sleeves
  • Safe, cost effective and efficient
  • Fixed systems with remote deployment.

Rehabilitation systems

  • Void reforming. (shafts, Roadways, tunnels)
  • Underground roof/wall fall-out
  • Surface subsidence
  • Suitable for vertical, dumped or inclined shafts and raise bore holes
  • Available in most diameters and lengths
  • Product containment seals.

Shaft and void seal systems (SVS)

The Shaft Void Sealing System (VSS) Re-usable and portable, specifically designed to provide the user with a product that provides emergency and short-term sealing of an intake or exhaust shaft, (also available for permanent sealing requirements).

This product provides you with an emergency sealing of the shaft when the permanent cover has been compromised or simply needs replacing or other infrastructure is to be connected. It may also be used as a pre-cover or shaft pentice. The shaft plug is available with or without a venting tube, in standard or FRAS fabrics and is re-usable.

The Shaft Plug can be pre installed, or installed remotely using a long boom crane, this makes it the safest, most efficient and cost-effective alternative for your shaft collar construction or maintenance requirements.

Venting tubes are designed to specific requirements and are correlated with Shaft Plug design to ensure that build up of air/gas pressure from the underground source on the shaft plug can be safely and efficiently drained away.

The gas/air is removed from the area via a central tube and may be connected to a flow measuring and non return valve or fusible link shutoff system, and into an EOL flame arrestor.

The Shaft Plug is also suitable for horizontal or inclined application and can be designed to specific in-situ requirements.

Need ventilation products or over-head protection systems, due for a shut down and need to provide a safe work environment for your bin maintenance? Want to give your emergency department the latest and safest options available.

Overhead protection systems (OPS)

Overhead Protection Systems (OPS) are without a doubt, the Safest, most efficient and cost effective form of protection for personnel and infrastructure available today.

Specifically designed to suit onsite requirements, in Roasters, Furnaces, kilns, Shafts, Ore/Waste Passes, Surge Bins and Escape-ways inflatable operational in a matter of hours eliminating the requirement to install extensive scaffolding, nets and covers.

Our systems eliminate the risk involved when personnel are required to go into an area where there is a likelihood of debris striking them from above and the possibility of major and /or fatal accidents resulting as a consequence of that exposure.

The systems are designed to apply positive pressure on all surfaces within the subject area, thus preventing free fall of materials and completely eliminating the hazard.

Minvent Solutions’ patented OPS are available in single or multiple units can be designed to fit most application requirements, is available with a comprehensive audible/visual alarm system with at point of activity monitoring.

Systems are also available with positive or negative pressure venting sleeves to remove dust, gasses and hot air in the working area below the OPS.

  • All our systems and products are available in, FR and FRAS PVC
  • PVC air/water tight blast hole liners (all sizes).
  • Mine ventilation regulators, brattice, parastops and specialty fittings.
  • Push/pull concertina ducting.
  • Ballast bags.
  • Floatation bags and systems
  • Product specific supervision & training

Need something specific to your operation or something outside the box? Call us, we have a can do attitude with results to back it up.

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Nystar Awards Minvent Contract for OPS

Minvent Solutions has been awarded the service contract to provide, install and monitor an overhead protection system (OPS) for the furnace at Nystar's Clarksville Tennessee site in September 2010. Minvent Solutions is a wholly-owned and operated Australian company. Our primary focus is

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Minvent’s Ventilation Control and Overhead Protection Equipment

Minvent Solutions designs and supplies overhead protection systems for the mining industry.

Minvent Solutions

PO Box 314

Como, WA 6152


+61 8 9377 1129 +61 8 9272 1164 www.minvent.com.au

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Minvent Solutions has been awarded the service contract to provide, install and monitor an overhead protection system (OPS) for the furnace at Nystar's Clarksville Tennessee site in September 2010. Minvent Solutions is a wholly-owned and operated Australian company. Our primary focus is

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Minvent Solutions

PO Box 314

Como, WA 6152


+61 8 9377 1129 +61 8 9272 1164 www.minvent.com.au

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