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IZ-KARTEX Continues to Supply Shovels to Mongolia

A new EKG-12K manufactured by IZ-KARTEX has arrived at Erdenet Mining Corporation (Mongolia). This is the second IZ-KARTEX shovel that was manufactured for Mongolian enterprise this year.

The first straight contract for EKG-12K was signed in the end of 2018. Another contract for one more EKG-12K shovel was signed in the beginning of 2019. The first EKG-12K started working in April, the second EKG-12K will start working in the end of October.

Erdenet Mining Corporation chief engineer Mr Belyankin said: “The operation of IZ-KARTEX shovel within six months confirmed the technical parameters declared by the manufacturer. We do not have any complaints to this machine. The recent scheduled inspection showed that the shovel is in the perfect condition.”

According to his words, next year the company is going to buy two more shovels of the same capacity. Now UZTM-KARTEX negotiates for shovels’ supply with other Mongolian mining enterprises.

Share in total supply of EKG-12K increases annually. It is expected that in 2019 this share will increase by 9.5% compared with previous year and will reach 30%, including exports.

In general, IZ-KARTEX notes the stable growth of demand for shovels from mining enterprises of far abroad. From 2010 to 2019, 20 IZ-KARTEX shovels were supplied to enterprises of far abroad, which is seven units more than in the previous decade. The main IZ-KARTEX consumers of far abroad are the enterprises from India, China, Mongolia, Vietnam and others.

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