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IZ-KARTEX Launches a Training Excavator Complex

IZ-KARTEX has launched a training complex in January 2016, made by Transas, one of the leading Russian manufacturers of simulators.

Training EKG excavator complex is designed to adapt drivers to work on a new line of excavators and allow operators to conduct training techniques and methods of work for the safe and productive operation of the machines.

The developed complex is a training facility, consisting of the instructor module and driver module. The driver module simulates the cab of the excavator, a chair on the dynamic platform, with the remote control. The simulator cabin of the excavator is equipped with instrumentation, monitoring and alarm devices corresponding to their placement in a real excavator cabin.

Virtual excavator working equipment corresponds to the real conditions of the excavator and characteristics of the rock mass. Through the use of dynamic platform and cabin environment closest approach of the learning process is achieved.

This training complex is made to train operators mainly for companies purchasing excavators with a 20m3-25m3 bucket capacity (EKG-18R, EKG-20K, EKG-20KM).

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