IZ-KARTEX Manufacture, Sale and Service of Electric Mining Shovels and Drill Rigs


IZ-KARTEX specialises in engineering, production, sale and service of electric mining shovels and drilling rigs. It is the largest manufacturer and supplier of mining shovels in Russia and the CIS.

Crawler-mounted electric-powered shovels

Following mining practice and open-cut transport development trends , IZ-KARTEX has started the production of a new line of mining crawler-mounted electric-powered shovels. All of the standard shovel sizes are optimised for the operation in conjunction with dump trucks and self-dumping cars with a load-carrying capacity of 75t – 360t.

Depending on the customer’s preferences and operation conditions, the mining shovels can be delivered with either a rack-and-pinion or rope crowd, on a unified base platform.

IZ-KARTEX supplies machinery to the biggest mining enterprises in Russia and the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Belarus, as well as China, Mongolia and Vietnam.

Large-capacity mining shovels

IZ-KARTEX also supplies mining shovels with a range of capacities and payloads, featuring either a rack-and-pinion or rope crowd. The shovel range includes:

  • EKG-10: payload 20t, bucket capacity 10m³, rope crowd
  • EKG-15: payload 33t, bucket capacity 15m³, rope crowd
  • EKG-12K: payload 24t, bucket capacity 6m³ – 16m³, rope crowd
  • EKG-18R / 20K: payload 38t / 40t, bucket capacity 14m³ – 26m³, rope / rack-and-pinion crowd
  • EKG-32R / 35K: payload 58t / 63t, bucket capacity 20m³ – 45m³, rope / rack-and-pinion crowd
  • EKG-50: payload 108t, bucket capacity 45m³ – 70m³ (currently under development), rack-and-pinion crowd

Drilling rigs

The company manufactures drilling rigs, including the SBSh-270 / 270A. Featuring a bore diameter of between 250mm and 270mm, this rig is ideal for many mining applications.

Machinery servicing and spare parts

IZ-KARTEX offers a wide range of genuine spare parts, mining equipment components and services to its customers. Our servicing covers a whole range of work, from the assembly to the capital repairs. The company has regional service stations in all the major mining industry regions of Russia and the CIS.

Mining equipment manufacturing

IZ-KARTEX is a member of OMZ Group, which is one of the largest heavy engineering companies in Russia. OMZ Group specialises in equipment manufacturing for the nuclear power, mining, metallurgical, oil and gas industries. IZ-KARTEX has manufactured and delivered over 3,500 electric mining shovels, more than 1,200 of which are now in operation.

The company offers its customers a wide range of services and genuine spare parts, component parts for mining equipment. IZ-KARTEX also produces rotary roller-bit drilling rigs, as well as equipment for processing plants, metallurgy industry, electric-power industry and general engineering, but in smaller volumes.

The company’s headquarters and production site is located in St Petersburg, Russia.

History of IZ-KARTEX

The history of IZ-KARTEX goes hand-in-hand with the history of our sister company, Izhora Plant, which was established in 1722 by Peter the Great to supply the Russian Navy.

In 1957, Izhora Plant started to produce mining shovels. Crawler-mounted shovels (EKG) were designed and produced in order to maintain the developing mining industry of the state. The production of shovels was running in full swing: 66 items were manufactured as early as 1966; 94 items in 1975; 133 items in 1979 and 160 items in1986.

In 1991, IZ-KARTEX was established as a separate company on the basis of Izhora Plant excavator production facilities. IZ-KARTEX was focused on manufacturing of mining equipment such as excavators and rotary drilling rigs for opencast mining operations.

In 1998, IZ-KARTEX was incorporated by OMZ Group.

Meeting the needs of the customer

IZ-KARTEX produces efficient mining equipment, according to the current market demand, and is constantly enhancing its production facilities and services to satisfy the customers.

To find out more about IZ-KARTEX’s products and services, please contact us using the details or form below.

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Press Release

IZ-KARTEX to Participate in MINEXPO INTERNATIONAL Exhibition 2016

The largest international exhibition of mining equipment MINEXPO INTERNATIONAL 2016 takes place in Las Vegas, USA, on 26-28 September.

White Papers

Electric Mining Shovels in Russia

IZ-KARTEX is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of electric mining shovels in Russia and in the territory of CIS countries.

IZ-KARTEX named after P.G. Korobkov Limited

Izhora Plant, Kolpino

Saint-Petersburg 196651


+7 812 322 8372 +7 812 322 8761 www.iz-kartex.com


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Press Release

19 August 2016

The largest international exhibition of mining equipment MINEXPO INTERNATIONAL 2016 takes place in Las Vegas, USA, on 26-28 September.

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9 February 2016

IZ-KARTEX has launched a training complex in January 2016, made by Transas, one of the leading Russian manufacturers of simulators.

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5 March 2014

In 2013 the co-operation between IZ-KARTEX and Aikhal GOK diamond mine was renewed and an EKG-15M excavator was delivered to the mine. Previous shipments from IZ-KARTEX to Aikhal GOK had been held since 2010.

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15 March 2013

MINEXPO International is the most significant event for the world mining industry and the largest show for mining equipment and technology manufacturers in the world.

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15 March 2013

On October 29, the first mining excavator EKG-12USM was set to work at the largest coal mine in the CIS - Bogatyr Coal in Kazakhstan. EKG-12USM is a modification of EKG-15 with longer working equipment and is equipped with more powerful elevator gearboxes.

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Regional Offices

IZ-KARTEX named after P.G. Korobkov Limited

Izhora Plant, Kolpino

Saint-Petersburg 196651


+7 812 322 8372 +7 812 322 8761 www.iz-kartex.com

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