XMOR High Productivity Dump Truck Body

G&G Mining Fabrication has pioneered a revolution in earth moving attachment design. Its XMOR bodies are lighter than the average truck bodies: offering an increased payload for the same GVM. The company looks forward to growing a niche for its truck bodies in the African mining sector.

There is increased preference for lightweight bodies for OEM off-highway rigid dump trucks, as mine operators are stopping at nothing in their quest to increase equipment productivity from mine to mill. Generally, lightweight bodies offer increased payload than the average truck body of the same size. However, it has to be asked: Can boundaries be pushed to make the truck body even lighter than the average lightweight truck body?

G&G Mining proves that its XMOR dump bodies have achieved the feat of lowering the weight of a truck body below the standard lightweight body through innovative engineering. The company’s International Sales Manager, Steve Turner says that the truck bodies have been engineered with distinctive features that make the dump bodies stand out.

“XMOR bodies are lighter – offering an increased payload for the same GVM. This is by far not the only benefit. Hence, why we refer to this as a revolution in earthmoving attachment design.”

Combination of materials and design

Mr Turner explains that the lighter body is made possible due to the combination of the materials used and the design – with the material being integral to the design and considered right at the start of the design process.

“It can be seen that the XMOR body appears to be a simpler design with a very low amount of bolsters and stiffeners – as we make the steel do the work. The G&G XMOR body utilizes Hardox® 500 Tuf extensively in the construction of the body – a harder, stronger, tougher steel that enables us to push the boundaries of design when using the full properties of this steel.”

Besides, the innovative panel design used by the XMOR body and the bowl shape make the body stand out. The bowl shape, which sees the floor curved both front to back and side to side, enables G&G to offer its patented payload centering design. With the payload centering design, the centre of gravity will remain within the OEM guidelines, regardless of the material density of the payload (traditional bodies suffer from the centre of gravity moving forward as the density increases).

“The panels allow the XMOR body to offer its exceptionally low weight (both through the use of thicker material only where it is needed – removing the need for wear liners, and through the overlaps between the panels acting as beams), as well as offer the flexibility needed in a large structure such as this to avoid stress concentrations,” Mr Turner explains.

Other significant unique features include the tapered sidewalls, an angled tail, as well as the innovative canopy.  The canopy is designed to catch rocks from overshooting over the top or side of the canopy but rather feed them back into the body.

What are the operational benefits?

The XMOR dump bodies’ unique features bring the following greater range of operational benefits:

  • Ultra-lightweight, flexible, linerless, advanced high strength Hardox® In My Body design

– Increased payload within the same GVM and reduced fuel consumption per tonne

– Reduced maintenance downtime and maintenance costs through removal of liner maintenance

– Ability to withstand loading machine contact and high impact loads

– Improved wear life, and ultimately increased asset life and reduced cost per tonne

  • Unique panel design

– Allows G&G engineers to easily tailor the XMOR body to your site’s specific conditions

– Minimise weight / maximise payload to maximise wear resistance / maximise wear life

  • Patented Payload Centring Design

– Patented design and “cone” shaped construction results in automatic load positioning for optimal axle loading and truck stability regardless of density carried.

– Automatically spreads any overload across all tyres, reducing front tyre temperatures, improving tyre life and thus reducing tyre expenditure.

– Improved safety through improved vehicle dynamics and stability.

  • Improved Dumping Performance and Eliminating Hang-Up

– Combination of other features including the bowl-shaped floor, flexible structure, tapered sidewalls, angled tail section, as well as the use of Hardox® 500 Tuf come together for a number of other operational benefits

– Improved dumping performance through both faster dumping whilst also improving the spread of the load – reducing choking at the crusher and the ability to throw the load over the windrow

– Significantly reduced wear rate on floor (both from the use of a stronger, higher hardness steel, but also from the reduced contact pressure achieved during dumping as the load sheds from the top first)

– Anti-Hang-Up design eliminates hang-up (as curved shape removes traditional carry back initiation points / harder/stronger steel does not allow for indentations that can result in initiation / flexible structure is not conducive to carry back build-up) which saves cost and ensures the full benefit of a lighter body may be realised

– Reduced spillage on the haul road which improves safety and reduces site costs on tyres.

  • Innovative Canopy Design

– New lightweight, high strength canopy design “catches” material loaded too far forwards and feeds it back into the body rather than letting material remain on the canopy or fall onto the haul road, improving safety and reducing costs

– Shorter canopy option is available for Autonomous Operations further improving cost per tonne in haulage

  • Designed for minimal maintenance

– No requirement for liner repair / replacement through normal operational life, offering lower ongoing costs and improved on-site safety

– Also designed with a host of maintenance-friendly features

Mr Turner encapsulates the benefits: “With additional payload, far greater wear and impact resistance, improved safety features, enhanced site productivity and all whilst reducing environmental impact, ultimately the XMOR dump body offers significant operational benefits, reducing operating costs per tonne whilst improving site safety.”

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