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Expect More with XMOR

G&G Mining designs and manufactures the XMOR range of off-highway dump truck trays and buckets.

XMOR is a revolution in attachment design – offering lighter weight and improved productivity.

The unique high-strength steel formula delivers the lightest, toughest working dump bodies and buckets in the mining and earthmoving industry.

Moving greater volumes and reduced weight, XMOR can manage larger payloads than its counterparts, increasing the productivity of the asset and lowering cost per tonne whilst extending asset life.

Over a number of years, G&G has been working on developing stronger, lighter, more productive earthmoving attachments.

Demonstrated through operation, XMOR buckets are the product of many years of materials and bucket design knowledge, plus extensive field development.

This has resulted in an exceptional combination of wear resistance and strength.

Wear parts are minimised, and on-site maintenance reduced with the bucket structure designed to combat wear.

G&G has also designed, developed and commercialised a new generation of dump truck body that offers a paradigm shift in the offering for off-highway rigid rear dump trucks.

While the market has been pursuing ‘lighter’ offerings in order to increase payload and productivity, often these offerings are focussed predominantly on weight reduction at the cost of other crucial features.

The G&G XMOR body changes this – utilising the new advanced, high strength, high wear steel Hardox® 500 Tuf, in order to offer an ultra-lightweight body that also offers a wide range of productivity, maintenance, safety and cost of ownership benefits.

XMOR dump bodies were the first-ever large structure to be manufactured from Hardox® 500 Tuf steel.

The XMOR body employs the inherent strength of the steel (using Hardox as a high strength structural material) and makes the structure flexible rather than stiff, while the flexible sidewall design, strength from overlaps and pressings rather than box beams, and omega joints, including thickness only where it is needed (panels), enable stresses to dissipate rather than build up in welded joints or box beams.

G&G manufactures the XMOR dump body for all makes and models of OEM off-highway rigid dump trucks and currently offers XMOR buckets for backhoes and wheel loaders.

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