Duroxite® Overlay Products for Maximum Wear Resistance

At G&G Mining, we have been working with abrasive and impact wear challenges for many years through our work with excavator bucket manufacture, repair, and maintenance; other mobile and fixed plant maintenance; and more recently with the development of our advanced XMOR™ dump body and bucket families.

For a large portion of this time we have utilized the wide range of different Hardox® wear plate grades to both fight wear but also offer us exceptional structural properties (high strength, high toughness), as well as being workshop friendly (weldable, formable) – selecting the Hardox® grade with the optimal combination for different applications (from Hardox® HiTuf for thick structural section such as bucket lips and wings, through Hardox® 450, Hardox® 500, Hardox® 500Tuf, Hardox® 550, up to Hardox® 600 which we have used successfully as wear bars and wear liners in both buckets and fixed plant applications – and even Hardox® Extreme)

However, whilst the Hardox® range is extremely comprehensive and offers this exceptional combination of hardness, strength, toughness and workshop capabilities, there are applications for which Hardox is not the ultimate material and where we use alternatives. One such application is in high-level sliding wear as may be experienced in bucket floors/bucket sides and in chutes and hoppers. Here the higher hardness offered by a weld overlay (commonly referred to as clad plates / CCO / overlay plates / hardfaced plates / hardfacing and more) – where a hard layer (or layers) of welding wire is deposited on a steel backing – means these materials may offer improved wear life and are commonly observed.

The steel backing can then be welded to the structure such as a bucket/chute etc (or it may be bolted or use stud welding – both commonly used in chutes). Such materials do not traditionally offer any structural support (in part due to the use of mild steel as the backing plate, and in part due to the heat-affected zone from the application of the overlay).

There are many such materials available in the market today, but G&G is confident SSAB’s Duroxite® materials are a level above. Developed by an advanced metallurgical team in Sweden and the USA, the Duroxite® range is comprehensive in its product offering, whilst offering exceptional performance

when compared to materials of comparable material composition. These materials are now in use around the world, being sold through Hardox Wearparts Centres as far afield as Canada, Chile, South Africa, Germany, China, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand.

The material offering starts with:

  • Duroxite® 100, a Chromium Carbide Overlay (CCO), (often referred to in the Australian market as “60”) – a multipurpose overlay suitable for sliding wear and moderate to low impact. Offers full wear resistance up to 350°C, and a life of 5x that of a gr450 plate in Hematite sliding wear.

the Duroxite® range also includes;

  • Duroxite® 200, a Complex Carbide Overlay (often referred to in the Australian market as “80”) suitable for improved wear resistance in severe sliding wear as well as temperatures up to 600°C. Provides up to 4 times longer service life than Duroxite 100 due to its high proportion of extremely hard, multiple-alloy carbides;
  • Duroxite® 300, an Ultra-fine complex borocarbide (iron-based steel alloy) overlay for extreme sliding wear in dry and wet (slurry) abrasive environments. A high performance and cost-effective alternative to tungsten carbide overlay and can absorb 25% more impact energy than traditional chromium carbide overlay plate. Also suitable for operation at temperatures up to 600°C;
  • Duroxite® 400, specially formulated hardfacing overlay pins to withstand high heat (up to 480°C) metal-to-metal wear applications (e.g. dragline bucket pins); and newly released
  • Duroxite® 500, an Ultra-fine complex borocarbide (iron-based steel alloy) for abrasive wear and high impact in dry and wet abrasive environments. Can replace cast materials, titanium carbide overlay products or ceramic materials. Again, suitable for operation at temperatures up to 600°C.

Uniquely, the Duroxite® range is also available on Hardox® 450 backing plates:

  • Duroxite® 101 (Chromium Carbide Overlay on Hardox® 450 backing); and
  • Duroxite® 201 (Complex Carbide Overlay on Hardox® 450 backing)

These materials open up new opportunities – offering solutions for applications subject impact (where the high strength Hardox® backing will not dent anywhere near as easily as a mild steel backing, and which once dented can promote spalling), as well as potential in applications where there is a need to combat some level of wear on both sides of the plate.

G&G is a stockist of Duroxite® with a range of grades, thicknesses and sizes in currently in stock, as well as the ability to source all grades and sizes for upcoming projects. G&G offers Duroxite® alongside our Hardox® offering as full plate (generally 3000x1400mm – but other plate sizes can be sourced), half plate and cut to size. G&G also stocks and supplies Duroxite® matched welding wires.

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