Fuel Optimisation Treatments

Our Flushing Oil Concentrate and FTC Decarbonizer are designed to optimise fuel consumption and vehicle performance.

Flushing Oil Concentrate

We save over 80% of diesels from a rebuild by removing heavy carbon and sludge. Remarkably, engine wear is usually still OK, but they have become so constipated by deposits, that they seem like they’re worn out. Flushing Oil Concentrate (FOC) restores pristine cleanliness to the whole oil wetted side of engines.

FOC is formulated with detergents and dispersants that specifically target sludge and hard packed carbon. FOC is added to the engine oil, where it has a powerful action to dissolve/ resuspend sludge and deposits from pistons, rings cylinder bore (glaze), valve gear, oil cooler, oil galleries and sump. Engine rebuilds can be avoided where performance and efficiency have deteriorated due to sticking rings, poor oil circulation etc.

Independent results

Detroit Series 60: “500,000km had been done on this engine, when it suddenly started fuming badly, and using oil (6-7L in 2 days). Detroit people said it needed a rebuild ($14,000). Instead, I decided to give FTC Decarbonizer and Flushing Oil Concentrate a go and used it on a regular basis. Performance, oil control and blowby returned to normal. Now 350,000km later, the truck is still running better than ever and no oil consumption!” – Merv Sweetman

Nissan 4.2TD Patrol: “Never ran hot originally, but in recent years it became a problem. I’d spent thousands of $$$ replacing radiators, clutch fan hubs, thermostats, chemical cleaning, etc… all to no benefit. In fact over the last 3 years, it just got worse and worse. The temp gauge would sit 3-4mm above the 1⁄2 way mark and every time it ran hot the air conditioner would cut out. After googling reports of how to solve this problem, I tried your Flushing Oil Concentrate & Cleanpower pack. After the first flush, the new oil was amber clean on the dipstick (normally it went black straight away), and the overheating problem was immediately solved! Now at 110kph uphill, towing the quad bike trailer, the temp stays cool!! – P. Simms, NT

Toyota Landcruiser diesel: “Our Toyota is 16 years old, and was running roughly, using a lot of oil, and emitting lots of black smoke. Our mechanic advised me that the engine was on its way out, and to look at a reconditioned engine. I tried your flush first and the results were impressive!

“The engine now runs smoothly, uses less oil, and is less prone to overheating. It is now more than 12 months since we started using your products, and I would certainly recommend it.” – N. Onley, QLD

FTC Decarbonizer

Only FTC actively burns away hard carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces to deglaze, decoke and restore pristine cleanliness to combustion surfaces. Genuine proven fuel savings (4-12%).

When added to petrol or diesel fuel, it modifies the chemistry of the fuel combustion process to accelerate the fuel burn and oxidise existing combustion chamber and exhaust system carbon. This action is entirely safe and is a progressive action working first on the easier softer deposits, and eventually on stubborn hard carbon (that would normally have to be chiselled off at overhaul).

Independent results

Caterpillar powered coal trucks (Rio Tinto minesite).

Due to excessive carbon, these engines were failing at only a quarter life! FTC Decarbonizer was introduced, and the problem vanished.

Volvo FH12 (1.5 million kilometres): Central Highlands Carrying run Brisbane to Perth and carry 2000L diesel in four tanks. It always ran short of fuel before reaching Perth. On FTC, it now arrives with about 250L diesel left in the front tanks.

Cummins 444 in Kenworth T650: “Used daily for a Mt Isa minesite contract, the truck lost power and started smoking so badly that it was not allowed back on site. Got told by our local Cummins dealer it would need rebuilding at 32,000!!! I tried FTC Decarbonizer and Flushing Oil Concentrate and was amazed at how much rubbish came out on the flush. The truck went back to work for the remaining 18 months of the contract… with NO smoke and NO oil usage!! Two years on it still shows no signs of deterioration!! – Hugh Maslin, Maslin Bros Pty Ltd

1994 International concrete agitator with a Cummins motor: “AW10 Antiwear has dramatically improved the smoothness of the RR gearbox and taken a jump out of the PTO. The FTC Decarboniser has really smoothed out the engine noise and the injector cleaner is saving me about 1K in diesel per month. – Robert, WA

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