CEM Distributes to the US with Pro Maintenance Additives

To assist with the ever increasing volume of orders being dispatched to the USA and internationally, it was time for CEM to engage the help of a well-established international distributor. Finding a business that could handle all the technical requests and was set up to handle large volumes of domestic and fleet-based customers was a priority.

In early 2017, the team at Pro Maintenance Additives started helping CEM to expand even further into the US market, and in early 2018 imported their first bulk order of CEM products.

Pro Maintenance Additives launches in the USA

Scott Sticklin has been involved in the automotive industry, mechanic by trade for over 40 years. In 2005, Scott was introduced to CEM products when running his mechanical workshop on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. After many years of product testing and vehicle trials, he was more that impressed with the extensive range of engine and fuel treatments. Having worked closely with CEM products now for over 13 years, Scott has a wealth of ‘real-life’ experience, along with an in-depth technical knowledge of all CEM Products.

By using CEM products, Scott has not only saved his customers thousands of dollars in potential engine rebuilds but as also developed a strong reputation in both Australia and the USA automotive industry.

With over 40 years of business experience, Scott and the Team at Pro Maintenance Additive are the perfect business partner to assist CEM in distribution throughout the USA and Canada, solving engine problems.

Pro Maintenance Additives not only trade via their website at www.proadditives.com but also look after all fleet and commercial clients with bulk and onsite technical support.

Pro Maintenance Additives are the sole agent for distributing CEM products throughout the USA and Canada.

“We are thankful to have such a professional international importer such as Scott, representing our products in the USA,” said Brid Walker.

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