Cost Effective Maintenance (CEM) Advanced Preventative Maintenance Strategies for Mining Equipment

Comparison of engines treated and not treated with FTC Decarbonizer

Cost Effective Maintenance (CEM) provides energy-efficient products and support to reduce mining equipment downtime.

Reduction of diesel particulate emissions

Scheduled maintenance procedures for diesel mining equipment typically do not address the build-up of emission-generating deposits within engine crankcases, combustion chambers, exhaust ports, fuel systems and turbochargers. These deposits adversely affect diesel combustion efficiency, as well as oil and compression control in diesel engines.

By slightly modifying service procedures, full cleanliness can be restored to crankcases, combustion and exhaust spaces and fuel injection equipment, resulting in improved and more thorough diesel combustion, and reduced DPE’s.

Use of CEM’s Flushing Oil Concentrate and FTC Decarbonizer quickly and efficiently restores full cleanliness in engine components that are vital for maintaining low diesel exhaust emissions.

Stop rust in adverse environments

Environmentally safe, and very easy to apply, Rust Conqueror has exceptionally high penetration ability for migrating into seams. It encapsulates existing rust, isolating it from the atmosphere, and bonding it back to the metal surface.

It is highly suitable for all coal mine applications, underground, surface, marine and highly corrosive environments. The product can also be used for mobile and fixed plants, as well as infrastructure.

Rust Conqueror needs little preparation, and dries to a hard-wearing varnish-like finish, that is dry, non-tacky, and flexible. The barrier it leaves is highly resistant to acids and chemicals, and even outperforms cold galvanising in some applications.

Reduced mud hang-up on trucks

CEM’s Mud Release is sprayed onto wheel arches, tyre sidewalls and other places that mud clings, resulting in substantial reductions in hang up. Under Mud Release’s low friction coating, mud falls off under its own weight.

Mud Release is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Engine efficiency improvements for increased power output

CEM specialises in optimising diesel combustion efficiency.

By eliminating inefficiencies in the combustion process, engine performance more closely approaches design efficiency. This results in increased net power output, creating higher work rates and mine production, while simultaneously decreasing equipment downtime and optimising mobile plant availability.

A four-year study by the University of Western Australia confirmed the energy savings initiative, which CEM claims can provide returns on investment between 700% and 1,000%.

The company offers energy savings of up to 9% for mine mobile equipment and up to 5% for rail, diesel power generation, and shipping.

Fuel-borne catalysts for optimised mine production

By introducing FTC Decarbonizer into diesel fuel, mine production can be increased with no other planning or input. Diesel truck and loader performance improvements then provide improved work rate.

Through catalytically enhancing combustion, it promotes a faster fuel burn that releases energy earlier and acts more effectively on the piston. The catalysed fuel burn produces more power from the same amount of fuel.

This results in a significant energy boost, which results in greater productivity.

Faster cycles for diesel loaders, excavators and shovels

CEM’s initiatives ensure haul trucks operate faster on ramps to reduce cycle times, and provide faster truck loading by diesel loaders, excavators and shovels.

This also reduces wasteful truck idle time. While promoting faster up-ramp times for trucks, the catalysed fuel burn also results in less fuel consumed, for the same power.

Less downtime, increased production

Cost Effective Maintenance’s FTC Decarbonizer promotes the decarbonisation of existing deposits in combustion chambers, exhausts and turbocharger spaces. Carbon build-up in these spaces promotes wear, and reduces engine life. It is also a major cause of catastrophic engine failures.

Clean, stress-free engines operate with less downtime and longer rebuild intervals. Engine rebuild intervals can be extended by 25% or more, and are a major factor in optimising equipment availability and boosting production.

Solutions for high oil soot contamination

High soot contamination of engine oil results in increased wear rates and engine deposits that impact equipment availability. CEM has developed a two-step process to correct high oil soot engines.

Firstly, the engine crankcase is restored to a clean, deposit-free condition by using CEM’s Flushing Oil Concentrate. The efficient detergency action targets heavier and stubborn deposits of carbon and sludge.

The second step is the introduction of the FTC Decarbonizer into the diesel, which reduces soot production rates. It also maintains a more effective piston ring seal, minimising migration of combustion soot into the oil. This lowers the oil soot load. Rectifying high soot engines using this process reduces maintenance issues and improves plant reliability and availability.

This package also offers improved emission control for the optimisation and restoration of underground diesel equipment.

Enhanced lubrication for the maintenance of gear and hydraulic temperatures

CEM produces a high-performance lubricant assistant, AW10 Antiwear, with friction-reducing features that allow treated oil to carry higher loadings and decrease frictional heat in transmissions and hydraulics.

Stress reduction in all lubricated components is crucial for minimising downtime.

Light vehicle diesel injector malfunctions

Modern, light and medium vehicle fleets using common rail diesel technology are prone to injector malfunctions that can become problematic due to unacceptable downtime and high rectification costs.

CEM introduced the CRD Fuel Enhancer for common rail diesels, to correct injector noise and smoke problems, by addressing issues such as fuel system deposits and loss of fuel lubricity.

The CRD fuel enhancer protects against rust and corrosion and has been proven to solve the problems of harsh injector rattle in as little as ten minutes.

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Issues Related to Engine Blow-By

Engine blow-by, smoke and oil use are related issues that, if ignored, can turn into very expensive repairs. Fortunately, in over 80% of cases, this can be corrected at low cost, and without any downtime.

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