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TUTIS Compliance Solutions for the Mining Industry

Tutis workforce capability and skills compliance solutions for the mining industry:

  • Workforce agility and skillset management
  • Remote, pre-site inductions
  • Staff and contractor onboarding
  • Knowledge and skills assessment
  • Learning management
  • Fully visible and auditable training records
  • Compliance with regulations, industry standards, corporate policies, strategic alignment & community standards
  • Continuous improvement and integration with existing systems
  • Issue management and incident management.

Tutis Cloud-based solutions are delivered as a managed service. These solutions have been specifically designed for the mining industry: helping miners ensure they always have the right workforce with the right skills to safely and productively do their jobs.

Tutis is a Cloud-based, managed solution that takes the complexity and risk out of compliance management for the Mining & Processing industry.

Benefit Pillars:

Managed Compliance Risk

  • Improved compliance across multiple levels of statutory & corporate requirements
  • Audit readiness and transparency

Reduced Complexity

  • Easy-to-use functions and automated processes
  • Training, competency assessment and authorisation activities automatically tracked and accessible

Optimised Running Costs

  • Improved training effectiveness
  • Increased workforce agility and productivity

Delivered Paperless

  • Reduced paperwork or, if desired, paperless

Case Study

Customers using Tutis for on-boarding report hundreds of hours per quarter saved in on-site training, increased throughput of contractors resulting in materially increased production output.

For more information on how Tutis can help you with Compliance Management solutions contact Chris or Heather: 07 3020 7570 or hello@tutis.com.au.

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