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Virtual Reality Training Solutions for the Mining Industry

23(A) De Havilland Crescent,
Persequor Park,
Pretoria 0020 South Africa

23(A) De Havilland Crescent,
Persequor Park,
Pretoria 0020 South Africa

Sts3D supplies virtual reality (VR) and e-learning training solutions to clients in the mining industry across the globe.

We focus on making a significant contribution to mineworker safety through our interactive learning environments and safety training programmes.

We collaborate with corporate clients to develop unique solutions with simplified text and shortened scripts to ease the comprehension of training content and improve the overall training experience.

Virtual reality training for mining applications

Sts3D produce interactive and immersive experiences in a series of VR-enabled lessons – often unique and world first solutions.

We have recently added Real Touch Robotics (RTR) to our training solutions – a simulator where you make use of actual OEM controllers to operate a digital twin in the virtual world.

RTR is applied to machine- and heavy equipment simulators to allow the user training and Machine Time Field Experience in a completely safe and cost-effective environment.

Our portfolio includes kinetic human-computer interaction tools and makes use of the latest technologies in infrared emitters, 3D spacial trackers, HMD’s (Head Mount Displays), projectors and computer graphics in a real-time game engine.

An example includes our revolutionary (and world first) VR Blast Wall. Here these technologies were designed in a way to simulate (amongst others) underground operations such as marking, drilling and blasting in mines, or the testing for gas and proper ventilation in a life-size 8m x 2m immersive virtual environment. The VR Wall can also be linked to third-party Drill Simulators to train on correct drilling angles and advance correction.

Another is Africa’s first custom-built 2.3m³ VR CAVE to train employees on safely racking out and switching 44,000V.

Sts3D’s simulation training also aims to reduce the risks of accidents and incidents through our range of solutions specifically aimed at the mining industry, including:

  • Induction programmes and 3D animations
  • Interactive workplace safety training
  • Incident simulations
  • Accident reconstructions

E-learning training solutions

Our wide range of e-learning content is available on the Cloud via our online learning management system – the Sts XRS.

The XRS is a browser-based, online learning management platform supporting traditional e-learning content & animation based training to VR / AR / XR applications.

Our XRS allows you to remotely manage and deploy customisable learning content via the internet to various platforms, including desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

Sts3D’s safety training content includes mine hazard identification, workplace inspection checklists, product demonstrations, and safety procedures. We also offer training on geological features in underground and opencast mines, leadership behaviour modelling and comprehensive visual job instructions.

With the sts3D web-based XRS, companies will be able to deploy immersive VR and gaming technologies to provide effective training solutions.

Web-enabled employee induction programmes

Sts3D can help you optimise and improve existing orientation programmes for visitors and employees, or use our online XRS and content library to develop customised induction programmes.

The web-based content provides 24/7 access to induction courses and performs assessments through a database of recorded questions and answers. It also allows visitors and new employees to complete an induction before they even reach the work site.

Lean manufacturing principles for production optimisation

Sts3D applies LEAN manufacturing principles to develop productivity improvement solutions for your business.

We enable companies to showcase improved procedures to employees and incorporate optimised work processes through simulation and interactive training experiences. Our XRS enables companies to reduce expenditures on training staff and additional facilities. In one case we reduced training at one of our Glencore smelters from five days down to only two.

About Sts3D

Sts3D’s experienced team comprises VR & Game developers, Programmers, 3D Animators and Graphic Artists, servicing more than 50 corporate clients in 15 countries,

We have longstanding partnerships within the mining industry, which include South Africa’s Chamber of Mines, Mining Industry Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH) and CoalTech, as well as leading mine planning software and equipment suppliers.

Sts3D also collaborates with prominent academic institutions such as The University of Pretoria, University of Johannesburg, and Belgium Campus to develop immersive virtual reality centres for mine design and training.

The Virtual Stope

With the price of platinum at $31,000 per kilogram, Sam has a bit of a challenge. Throw in a few ounces of rhodium at $10,000 per ounce, he’s actually got a massive challenge.


23(A) De Havilland Crescent

Persequor Park

Pretoria 0020

South Africa